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September Birthday Q&A's!

Here we are, ready to welcome our September babies! Along with celebrating their birthdays, we'll get to see their Q&A answers. So without further ado, happy birthday to Allegra and Kimie!

Allegra 12th:

What is your favorite thing about choir? I love the fact that I can meet up with other people who also love music and we can sing our hearts out for hours. I just feel like I belong and it fills me with so much happiness to be able to be with such wonderful people.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? I'd give it to Dos Pueblos Jazz Choir!!! I want future students to be able to experience all that I have while taking the choir to new places. Though I would save some for myself because come on, I'd like to have a couple thousand dollars for my personal use.

If you were a sea creature, what would you be? Honestly, I'm almost certain I would be a sea lion. I relate to lying down and sleeping in a sunny spot― if given the chance― and being around others. I'm also fascinated by their movements in the water and how curious sea lions are with whatever they encounter.

What drives you to pursue music? Music has always been a part of my life and it will continue to be that way. Music speaks in a way that everyone can understand and feel, even with a language difference. It gives me a sense of fulfillment and the best part about music is that there are no limits. Throughout the eras of music, it has shown me that music is always growing and people are always being born with the ability to add to that growth. I can only describe music as my source of light (especially since I'm afraid of the dark).

Are you a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin? Well according to Pottermore, I'm a Ravenclaw and countless astrology quizzes seem to say so as well. I guess it's accurate.

Kimie 21st:

What is your favorite thing about choir?

My favorite thing about choir is being able to challenge myself by learning difficult pieces of music and being able to successfully sing them with my peers and enjoy competing in the various festivals we get to go to throughout the school year.

How long have you been singing?

As of this year, I’ve been singing for about 5 to 6 years, or in other terms, since early middle school.

What are your hobbies outside of choir?

Besides singing and choir, I enjoy baking, reading, sewing, writing, and playing video games. Also I’ve recently gotten into rollerblading and cooking, despite my lack of skill in both of these hobbies.

What is your favorite class in school?

My favorite class in school would either be something science-based, like Chemistry or Environmental Science, or something in the Visual Arts section, like Choir or Performing Arts.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'd like to say that in 10 years from today I'll still have a major interest in music and hopefully I'm pursuing a job that I love and that I'm prepared for the future ahead of me.

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