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DP Vocal Music Program: Cultivating Musical Excellence


Welcome to the DP Vocal Music Program, where we nurture talents and guide students from beginners to advanced self-sufficiency.

Program Overview:
Our three-tiered program caters to diverse needs, ensuring every student finds the right challenge and support.

Mixed Chorus - Introductory:
Perfect for beginners or those seeking personal enjoyment.
This class is open to anyone who loves to sing! No experience is necessary, just an open mind, heart, and willingness to learn. You will learn everything you ever wanted to know and more.

  • Basic theory, vocal techniques, and piano skills.

  • Performance-based learning with various events.

  • Equipped for independent musical projects


A Cappella Choir - Intermediate:
For those ready to take their skills to the next level.
This class is for the slightly more experienced vocalist. In this class, you will learn to sing more complex 4 part harmonies and participate in competitions.

  • Audition-based choir for more experienced ensemble singing.

  • Emphasis on sight-reading, 4-6 part harmony, and dynamic nuances.

  • Weekly rehearsals, public performances, and an introduction to competitions  prepare students for the Advanced Jazz Choir.


Advanced Jazz Choir (Madrigals):
The pinnacle of our program for seasoned musicians.
For the advanced musician. In this class, you will learn to sing complex 4-8 part harmonies, vocal improvisation, and work to compete at the highest level. We work hard, learn fast, and have a blast along the way.

  • Audition-based, competitive choir with a focus on professionalism.

  • Challenging 4-8+ part choral literature from various style periods.

  • College preparatory course fostering leadership in an ensemble setting.

  • Travels and competes at an elite level


Join us on a musical journey, fostering a community of confident, self-sufficient musicians dedicated to excellence in music education. Together, let's embark on a path of passion, creativity, and success.

A Brief History of Vocal Music at DP


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